Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 7 and update

Photo challenge- day 7

 prompt: " young love". 

Today's share ... this "young love' of my life- little bloomer Blakelea 

Today she reached out and actually grabbed a fistful of miss Violet hair. ❤️

 The donks were gentle giants around her and I do believe a love connection was made. We have a true farm girl

Update-   I just finished adding yesterday's prompt
into my journal so thought I'd add it in here.  



Jean said...

Well this photo says it all!!! Yay! I love this. Little Blakelea, her grammy and the donks all in one photo. Thank you for sharing. Aww...

What a BLESSING today.

J xo

Dawn Dutton said...

What a awesome day for you and Blakelea. Blessings.