Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 28

Prompt: Love never fails

Well here we are 28 days later!  Made it!!!! 
The time actually  went by quite fast and yet wasn't always easy taking a photo everyday 
and trying to get it recorded in this book.  
For me; I think  more than anything- the pressure of the commitment to 
not miss a day was the hard part.   But I'm so glad I did it and will cherish this little book
of memories.  

Tonight's share is a smooch with my sweetheart of 34 years.  
I love Myguy! 

Thank you to those of you who have followed along,
left comments and emails and encouragement!
That you spend your precious time with me;
means so much!

See you in March!  


Jean said...

It's been good going thru February with you Lea and I appreciate you posting pics on your blog, it must be a lot of work. You have been a real blessing as always.

God Bless

Dawn Dutton said...

Yeah! You did it Lea, Great job... i have enjoyed every photo and every post!