Thursday, February 23, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 23

Prompt:  Love is Patient.  
This ten year old spiral journal is one I started when my Angel Mother went on hospice.  
Writing in it kept me sane and I'm so thankful to have recorded so many golden nuggets she shared with me.  Day after day, we'd lay together on her big kingsize bed and listen to "I can only Imagine," or I'd read books to her.  But most often we'd just talk heart to heart.  
Then, when she'd fall asleep, I'd slip into the kitchen or living room and write things she said or did.  This book is a little treasure trove to me now and is a good reminder "why" I journal:  
-to capture the good stuff of life and sometimes to share our stories  too.  
Today I share "Patience."  
One day when my Momma and I were laying on that big kingsize bed, I asked her 
what was something that took her .. her whole life to learn?
Her answer was this:
Patience.  Learn Patience.  
I wrote all about that moment and chat in this little grey spiral but didn't think about it much
until after she went to heaven.  
Today, that little word is huge in my walk of faith and I don't think I even 
know the half of it yet.  
Love is patient and I think 
patience is love too.  
I know it is; because I saw it in my
angel Mother.  



Jean said...

Patience is a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing treasured moments with your angel Mummy.

God Bless.

Jean x

Rebecca said...

"Yes" to patience. "Yes" to love "Yes" to journaling.