Monday, February 20, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 20

Prompt: Love sees

Today's share is Myguy's dog; Aspen Rose.  
Although Aspen stays with me every day; really she loves
Myguy most and best.  We joke about it all the time but it's the plain truth.

Every evening we go through this same ritual.  
She has a clock inside her somewhere and it tells her to watch out the window
after 5:00ish.  Then when we hear Myguy's Diesel truck coming up the driveway... I say, 
"You're Daddy's home!!!"  She comes unglued and bounces and jiggles and 
whines and carries on.... like crazy.  
Anyways... then I open the door for her and just let her out.  She
runs to the gate and waits soooo happily for their grand reunion.  
One particular day this week we went through this whole thing- again like her clockwork, but he didn't get out.
I glanced out the window and saw him talking on his phone just sittin in his truck.
Poor Aspen sat at the gate and waited.... and waited and waited.  
Then when he finally did get out he headed for the shop and didn't even look at her.  
You shoulda seen his dog!  It was soooo sad!  
Anyways, when Myguy came up to the house I told him about his dog and he tried to make
it up to her.  heehahaoooo 
I know if you're not a dog person, you probably don't get any of this but it's okay.    
When I read today's prompt... Aspen was who came to mind first.  
Her crazy love sees and watches for  everyday.  


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Dawn Dutton said...

Dogs are the just the best!