Saturday, February 18, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 18 Hug until You Let Go First

Prompt: Love me tender

So, a very long time ago someone dear to me taught me something 
I held onto "literally."  --That when I hug someone; to hold on until
the other person lets go first.  It may seem like such a simple thing,
but I can tell you ... it's a wonderful way to love someone tender.  
When I first started doing this; I was a mother of teenage boys.  
Honestly I was surprised once in a while how long my sons lingered
in a hug.  --- Now they're grown, strong  men; but even still today... 
once in awhile I'll notice they'll stay in a Momma hug a few seconds longer.  
This idea isn't  just for kids and grandkids either!  
Try it.
I double dog dare you.

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