Thursday, February 16, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 16

Prompt: Flower Love
It was hard to only pick one photo today of flower loves around 
our home, potting shed and garden.  I thought of dandylions,
and dianthus and blooming buttercups.  But this deer head 
and blooms that hang above our mantle is probably my favorite bloomer
in our house.  I've shared it before and the story of how I came across the deer
head  in the front pasture.  I would guess a coyote or dog had carried it there.
But I brought it home and hung it in a tree for so long.  Then one day I got the gumption
to try to clean it.  It really wasn't that bad and now is something I totally love in our house.  
It's framed with  peonies, feathers, botanicals and lace.  
My flower love share for the day.

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