Saturday, February 11, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 11

Prompt: Love Is.... 

Love is  velvet noses; especially Miss Violet's. 
Between 15-20 years ago, Myguy bought Miss Violet at the salebarn
when we both used to work there.  I was so excited.  Happy too that this girl
didn't bite, kick or do any other nonsense.  

Our neighbors had a Jack named Joey and he fell in love with Violet too. 
 Every year he jumped the fence and kept ole Violet bred.  We were so glad when they finally did something about it because it wasn't fair to her to stay pregnant.  
We did keep her son Spirit though- (named by my angel Mother)  and he and his Mum Violet are best of friends along with ole Ruthie now.  I'm thinking about getting a Jack for awhile  this Spring to breed Ruth.  It would be nice to have another baby donk.  Especially for Blakelea. 

Here's how I recorded today's prompt in my journal.
I think I've found how I'll keep doing it from now on.  Photo on the left,
and writing on the other side.  I don't care if anything is crooked, or messy.
It's about capturing the moments... not perfection.  
My little book is getting so chubby already.  I went on ahead and glued a scrap paper
on every left page, added the prompts and time stamped them so it's quick to just 
add a photo and journal.  Also washi taped all the edges and that really beefed her up.
She's a chunk and we still have over half the month to go!! 
Thanks for visiting me at the shed today.
How would you answer:  Love is.....?  
-Don't think too hard... it's all for fun.  

Have a great weekend.  
xoxo Leaon mary


Jean said...

Love is a donkey....wonderful loyal creatures.
Love is a donkey sanctuary....where there is kindness and warmth and love.

Thank you for sharing Miss Violet's beautiful velvet nose.!!

Leaon Mary said...

Jeanie I had a hunch you love like that.

Dawn Dutton said...

Awe... donkey noses. How soft and sweet.
I have never owned one of these adorable creatures but love looking
at your photos.
Lovely post Lea.