Friday, February 10, 2017

Photo Challenge Day 10

Love is kind.
About 36 years or so ago on Valentine's Day, I was in home room when the door opened and someone came in to pass out all these flowers and gifts to students.  I was a fairly new girl to school and daughter of a divorced Mother barely making ends meet.  
Apparently ahead of time, students had bought  carnations for fellow classmates.  
All around me, flowers were being passed out. 
 The class I was in had
a few Seniors in it and the guy who sat beside me was very popular; a jock
too if I remember right.  I remember his embarrassment as all these flowers 
started piling up on his desk.  I joked with him and said something to the effect of 
"Must be rough huh buddy?"  We'd sort of gotten to know eachother already because I
would pass his house before turning into our trailer park.  He joked back with me trying 
to make light of all his flowers.  I sat at my bare desk and behind a smile fought envy.  
Throughout the day I had also seen many girls carrying bouquets of roses and other things
sent to them by parents.  I couldn't even imagine that?  At our house we were blessed to just  have
lights on and food in the cupboards.  

After school, I stopped to grab our mail and opening the mailbox door,
there inside  was a carnation.  I knew who'd put it there; that sweet Senior boy
who lived just up the road.  Out of the kindness of his heart he made sure I got a flower.  
I'll never ever forget his kindness to me that day!



Jean said...

Aww...what a lovely story Lea, and I love your photo with the flower in the mailbox too.

I love how you share these memories here. I am thinking about you.

Still trying to snow here with some snowflakes drifting by but not lying. So sending some Blessing from a chilly Scotland brrrr,,,,,

J x

Leaon Mary said...

Hey send some of that snow to me... please! I think it was EIGHTY degrees here today. Don't remember what that would be celsius but it was very warm! SWEATING warm!
Thanks for visiting Jeanie! Big ole moon tonight... did you see it? :)

Jean said...

I did see that moon Lea...I was looking up and it was a crystal clear sky with all the twinkling stars and I was thinking about you. Oh it was soooo cold but worth it to see God's creation and wonderment. X