Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Photo Challenge Day 2 Love Given

Love given: 
Encouragement has come as cherished gifts  in my life.
We've surely all been there ... maybe  feelin low, or scared,
or been hit by friendly fire and out of the blue someone says or writes you
exactly what you needed to hear.  Those words can pick your heart up right off the floor.  EnCOURAGEment can make all the difference in the world,
because words are powerful.  In Proverbs it says death and life are in the power of our tongue.
... What we say to people  may seem  like such a  small thing really but it's  not.  
And whoever said sticks n stones can break your bones but words can never 
hurt you was lying.  Words can scar for life and words can heal for life too.   
--While I made the word cloud for today's picture, I was thinking about the 
many many times someone has blessed me with encouragement.  
It happened again just this morning while I barely got going for the day.
My phone dinged and a friend text the sweetest... life giving words. 
They  just came.  They actually strengthened me for the day ahead.
I also thought of my Momma who when the going got tough for me, she'd always say,
"Everything's gonna be alright lil Babes."  
That was her thing to cheer and when I heard it ... I knew it was true and  she was right.
After she died I had to have a surgery and I was really fretting over it.  
I shared my fear with  one of my sister in laws and also what my  Momma  would have said.
Before that surgery I was given a gift.
That Sil told me,
"Everything is going to be alright little babes."  
God used her so big that day and 
I was enCOURAGEd. 

"Therefore encourage one another and
build eachother up, just as in fact you are doing."  
1 Thess 5:11 



Jean said...

You always have an encouraging word for us Lea and you are appreciated and such a Blessing. I had some friendly fire this week from a family member and boy does it sting. Thank you for sharing the prompts this month and being an encourager.

God Bless you and Your family.


Leaon Mary said...

Hey Jeanie,
Thankyou for being an encourager for me as well! I'm sorry someone shot you with friendly fire last week. I think sometimes it's worse when it's friendly? fire don't you? I know it heals with time but often leaves a scar we struggle to forget. I'll be praying for you in that situation and hope things get better soon. Love ya