Monday, January 30, 2017

Prompts For February Photo Challenge

In the past I've been very drawn to listing, and monthly
prompts to art journal along with.  There's just something about it
that gets the creative juices flowing.  It especially helps on those
days when you stare at a blank page and think, "I got nuthin!"  
I've learned on days like that to grab a pencil and draw a flower with my 
left hand or close my eyes and scribble my name or grab spray in 
the color I'm feeling and go to town with a stencil.  Then things come.
Prompts can be alot like that.  They get you moving forward. 
Photo prompts... they get you to looking... and watching
like a treasure hunt.  

This evening I sat down and typed these out without any idea
how I myself will work through them- "yet." That's the beauty of 
being creative... no rules... just let it flow.  
One thing I will try to do every day is snap a photo.   I may still create art, or write
about these prompts but taking a photo of something in my day that speaks 
to the day's prompt, is what I'll share.  Hashtag is  #sharethelove. 
I warn you; I totally suck at Instagram... but for February... it's my goal.  Even if it happens
late because as we all know stuff can happen.  
My name on Instagram is
so here we go!
I invite you along.  
You're welcome to join in or just follow along here.
This will be fun!
February is one of my favorite months.
I  love Valentine's day and 
our anniversary is in February as well  
so it's kind of "lovey dovie!!!" around here.
Now I realize Valentine's day can be dreaded by some.
I get that; ... I've had a few that stunk too.  
But these prompts for the most part are different.  
If there are some you don't like; don't do them and make
up a different one.  But could be following along you may change your 
mind about some things and love it more.   

Between now and the first I'll be getting an insert ready for my traveler's notebook
to journal and glue pictures in. 
But you could use anything.   
It's almost time!



Jean said...

Am not on Instagram but I will join in anyway...I can take a photo a day!!! Love the idea for February.

Blessings and Joy..


Leaon Mary said...

Jeanie, it's okay to not be on instagram. Just snap away!!! xoxo