Monday, January 2, 2017

January Plan Book Day 1 and Documenting my Faith

 Good evening friends,
I thought I'd share a couple journal pages tonight.  
The start of day "one" begins the year with  my one word
and anchor verse.  
Also; the kids text pictures of our girl wishing us happy new year so 
I added her to the second page as well as a couple tip ins.  
The top card lifts up and I have secret journaling there, and the page
it's taped to flips to the right as well and 
 I added a photo of my Dad who came for New Year's dinner.  
He'd never met his great grand daughter before and I was so happy
to get this photo of us together.  
I'm sure this picture will mean alot to Blakelea one day.
UPDATE:  after clicking publish I just realized I spelled illumination wrong.
Ha.  Oh well, it's okay... it happens to me all the time.  I'll add an L tomorrow.
Here's to keepin it real ... again.  
And here is my start to documenting my faith this year.  
Last year I didn't join Doc Faith and I missed it so much.  
Anyways I have to share my devotional today from Watch for the Light because
it went along perfectly with this month's word at Doc Faith: which is MOVE. 
The devotional shares the thought that the wise men journeyed far to seek the Messiah. 
They were moved.  
And the scribes were more informed and versed yet remained still.  
Obviously I don't know how it was and wasn't there.  But the thought and desire to seek Him
makes me want to put more feet to my faith.  
To move
and follow Him.    


rebecca said...

I love you, Lea, and stand (will sit, actually) in awe of your artistic talent AND your heart for Jesus! Let us keep on MOVING toward and in step with Him ♥

Anonymous said...

I do so love your journaling Lea and I am so happy that you got a picture of little Blakelea with great grand dad.
Thank you for sharing these precious pictures and being always an inspiration.

It is such a wonderful way to record the minutes of our days.

Love you.