Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 5 My First Inspiration Wednesday Art Journal Page

 Hello friends,
Thought I'd share my first attempt in my new Inspiration Wednesday journal.  
The journal was purchased at Donna Downey's site and I bought an extra set of the pages
that go inside.  Yesterday I managed to get those put in and if I understand right; this book
will last half the year.  My friend Dawn made her own beautiful book and she's inspired me to 
try to make my next one.  We'll see how it goes when the time comes.  
Before I get started if you're interested; you can probably still sign up at 
Donna Downeys' website.  
 So opening the book, this is my week One.  
I knew I wanted to somehow start the year in all my journals 
adding my one little word "illuminate" and my anchor verse.
Since my word is about Light, I chose to go with bright yellow.  
At the bottom of the page I added my verse and anchor for the year.
As I was digging around I found the antique anchor button in my stash.
It may be a real Military button.  
But it depicts what I want to remember when I look at this book in time to come.  

 I also had to add the words Share the Love by Illumination- special words that seemed etched in my mind
when I woke up one October morning.  
The little tag that it's on is called an inclusion I'm learning and 
one is between every regular sized page.  
 On the flipside of it; is my one little word for 2017
 In the lesson this week, something was wired
to the page of Donnas book.  
I chose an antique skeleton key to wire into mine thinking about Jesus being the door to heaven,
And He is the only way to heaven.  
The cross represents my faith that Jesus is  my Lord and Savior.  
He died on a cross for me.  
The red ribbon represents His Blood.  
The blue ribbon, my baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

 I wonder if as the year goes on and we keep getting color and texture transferred onto 
our inside covers if we'll be painting those as well.  I don't know but some SONshine oozed onto mine.  
 This is a closeup of the cross I chose.  
My friend who owns an antique store here gave me a few Catholic charms once and 
this was one of them.  I had  it on a home made traveler's notebook I'd made but moved it to this one
first trying this charm on first.  
I really don't know anything about it and want to research it.  
Can you see it's dated 1830? 
It's one hundred eighty seven years old!  
If any of you can tell me about it I'd love to hear.  
The little bit of research I've done so far was kind of conflicting.  
Anyways that's about it.  
I really enjoyed playing in paint today and thinking about the Lord and 
I'm excited to see what keeps unfolding in the days ahead.  

Dishes are calling,
Leaon Mary


Anonymous said...

What a good start to journaling you have made Lea. I'm still dizzying around. I love what you have done with the key and the cross and ribbon and their meanings.
I have said it before but you definitely could write a devotional. You have such a gift with words and are such an encourager especially through Scripture.
I would certainly wish to have a copy.

Thank you for sharing. God Bless

Jeanie x

Dawn Dutton said...

Lea, I just love the way your first Inspiration Wednesday art page turned out. I can feel the love you put into it
just by looking at it. Very good choice to use your anchor verse and incorporate
your faith in to your work of art. I just am in awe of your many talents. Great job! This year
is going to be awesome... Can't wait to see what else you dream up!