Friday, January 6, 2017

Jan 6 Snow Day

Not seeing one snowflake last year;
these feet couldn't help but hit the floor runnin limping  for our bedroom
window this morning to see if the weatherman was right.  
What a joyful sight!  
Pure white snow.  
I could hardly wait to dig out my olde snowboots and go for a walk.  

 First I filled all the birdfeeders and left seed here 
and there for my feathered friends.  

Then grabbed new batteries for one camera, my cellphone,
and started pulling on the layers.  
I left all three dogs at home.  
Addie and Francoise would've gotten too cold since 
they'd been shaved and sweatered.  
And Aspen; well, I just didn't feel like hollering her back from 
every jackrabbit, coyote, and fox trail.  
It was just me and the quiet.  
Oh; and that beautiful sound of crunching snow 
beneath my boots.  
 I took a ton of photos.  
Before I got back to the house, my iphone up and died though.
The battery was charged; so ??? 
What a party pooper.
Thankfully I had my other camera as a backup.  

 The donks and horse don't seem to like the cold at all.  
They did get happier with a ration of grain though.  

 I found myself watching for light to photograph as much 
as the snow today.
Maybe to go along with my one little word this year  I should start an album
of  illuminated shots.  

I stayed out as long as I could stand it today.
Everything stayed warm but my hands.  
Taking photos in mittens is impossible for me.  
So when they started going numb; I headed for the house.  

Later this afternoon, a friend and I were talking about Valentines day and 
after chatting about framing  prints, I decided to run back outdoors and 
take these two photos before the snow up and melts.   
 I'm anxious to print them out and try them in black frames.

Well, once again; dishes are calling.  
 Seems to be becoming a  habit  to blog before dishes.  
They should soak abit don't you think?  Least that's my story.

I sign off tonight with a new scripture picture.  

Feel free to print and share.

 Thanks for spending your time with me!
 from the olde shed.  

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lea I am so happy that you finally got a snowy walk, I know you were so looking forward to having some snow and the pictures are beautiful, I'd love to jump in that potting shed with the gorgeous wee lights shining and just enjoy looking out but before that I'd have to get some BIG DONKEY CUDDLES and then I'd be in my element.

I have enjoyed my snow walk with you today. Blessings and Joy xx