Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 3 Jan. The Exploding Wisteria and Scripture Picture

 Once upon a time Sister Murray was a garden angel to me.  
She shared little bucketfuls of oxallis bulbs, fairyflowers, wisteria starts, great advice and
so much encouragement.  I loved talking with her but most of all loved listening to her.    
Her sweet smile and great faith so inspired me; 
and so did her two very green thumbs. 

The Wisteria she gave me not only grew,
but  moved  right in to flourish with the English Ivy family and 
all of them completely cover the backside of the shabby olde potting shed.

I do believe it took longer than seven years to finally bloom. 
But bloom it does; every May or so.  
I love sitting at my desk in the greenhouse here and looking out at 
perky wrens and sparrows and cardinals landing on these vines.
The sweet scent of these dainty bloomers remind me of my dear friend 
Sister Murray.

Three or four years ago, my Mentor Cora was talking about wisteria and 
how she loved when the seed pods explode.  
Listening to her describe their kaboom, I really thought she was exaggerating abit.
So when my wisteria pods dried on the vine I gathered some and left them in 
our bedroom.  One day this loud noise was heard.  "What the heck was that?" 
I discovered the exploded pod and dried seeds all over the place.  
I really didn't think I'd hear anymore but we sure enough did.  
They really truly do make a racket!
She was not  exaggerating one lil bit.   

This morning, I carried the little wicker basket (pictured up above) outside with me, 
and snipped the very dry seeds off the vines. 
Some had already popped and the split in two  pods were strewn on the grass.  
But I did manage to find a small batch of whole pods.  
A couple years ago, I planted a few seeds and they grew really well in pots.
I later transplanted them down in the woods near our creek.  
Hopefully in five years or so there will be beautiful lavender clusters
dangling from treetops. 
A garden girl can dream. 

When I set this basket on the shelf in our bedroom, 
I later noticed the lamplight shining just so and
this scripture picture came to be. 
 You're welcome to use and share it.

Happy wisteria


ps.  I've read in the language of flowers, Wisteria means devotion and it's been said a vine
can live for one hundred years.   
Such a romantic name for a romantic flower.  


Anonymous said...

This is a great story Lea..I loved reading about the exploding pods, who would've known and dear Cora telling you about them, aww...I love the picture and think it must be so peaceful to sit and have this view and be able to watch the birds as you sit at your desk and take in the scent. Your friends were so dear to you and you have such sweet memories of them. Thank you for sharing today this wonderful post.
What a Blessing you are.

Jeanie xo

Leaon Mary said...

Thankyou Jean. I've been really blessed to have had very strong women in Christ come alongside me; teach and inspire me. You're one of them! Blessings and loving friendship this long Winter's day from the olde potting shed. xoxo