Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 1 January One Word 2017

 Happy New Year everyone!  
I've been loving hearing people share their new one word for the year. 
Someone very dear to me text me first thing in the morning with  her new 
one word and  also sent a song to go with it.  Listening to stories of how they choose 
their one word or how it comes to them makes it all the more special.  
Then seeing how people grow throughout the year and the so many things that seem 
to happen relating to that one word is sometimes life changing.  
Like someone choosing the word brave and how that little word can help
them in their journey.  Or trust, or bold... 
My word last year was TRUE.  
It was so inspiring and hard to even think of choosing another word; 
not wanting to let it go.

Then one day in October - I have the date written in my journal but 
I woke up on a particular  morning from a sound sleep and had these words 
SO on my mind.  I knew it was important and sat up groggily to grab my phone and 
write them in my notes so I wouldn't forget later.  The words were
Share the love by illumination.  
Not a phrase I'd heard before and the word illuminate is not
even a word I use.  So later that day I dated and jotted them in my journal.
Since then... one thing after the other has happened and been spoken or read that
has gotten my attention all the more.  I got my concordance out and started a word study of
light, and illuminate. 
Also, scriptures about light  have really stood out.  
Especially the one in Revelation that talks about the new Jerusalem and that 
there's no need for the sun or moon because the glory of God illuminates it and the 
Lamb is the light.  
I think about it so much.  
And in the days to come, I'm 
excited to watch for versions of illuminate,
light and sharing love too.  

Last of all I share my new anchor verse:
"In the same way let your light shine before others, 
that they may see your good deeds 
and glorify your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5: 16

If you too have a one word to start the year
or anchor verse, please feel free to share.
xoxo Leaon Mary

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