Monday, January 9, 2017

Bible Tote Organizing and Samuel Study

 Today begins a new study in 1 Samuel with the Good Morning Girls.  
I decided not to  buy the journal that goes along with it.  And instead, I'm using a plain notebook; but did 
print out all the study questions and made a guide in the front of my notebook how they teach
to color code.   I'll be using watercolor pencils and an aquabrush.   I'm not sure how I'll do with that, but since there's no right or wrong way, we'll
just see what happens.  I'll start by only highlighting the verses that  really stand out for me.  
This all reminds me of a Catholic bible I brought home from my Gram's funeral.  Inside it; I remember seeing Gram  had color coded a few things as well.  I don't have that bible anymore.
I gave it to one of my siblings.  But if Gram thought to do this for study; I want to as well.  
Gram lived and breathed Jesus.  

A friend of mine recently inspired me to get a tote set up with all my current bible study things.
So last night I dumped spools of vintage ribbon, bows, burlap, tulle, etc out of this tote
and loaded her up with things I'm actually using.    A journaling bible, the new study materials for Samuel, Salt and Light study, an In Touch Devotional, war binder, Documented Faith, The Broken Way Book, Counting Gifts tn, pen pouch, washi tape, scissors, stickers, and journaling cards.  This is a new concept for me; the whole 
everything in one place!  

Dishes are done for a change.
Time to carry this tote to bed and finish the study questions.  


Dawn Dutton said...

Sweet! Can't wait to see what your tote looks like.
Have fun in your Samuel study. It sounds great.

Rebecca said...

I love the way you've organized your "tools" for Bible study. (Afraid my method is so primitive and unartistic that about my only necessity is my four-colored Bic pen!) ♥

Jean said...

I hope you enjoy your study time Lea. We can sure learn a lot from our parents and grandparents. Amen