Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Day With Roses On The Brain

 Choosing a  cover for one of my bibles goes to show 
where this mind keeps wandering- 
right into the garden.  

Even during  study time this morning; a doodled flower grew up in a margin. 
"Whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord
and not for men,"  
The Word...  speaks to this heart.
Whatever you do (LeaonMary)
Whether you garden,
bake, paint, fold clothes, feed cows, 
scrub the ring out of the bath tub, pay bills, change dirty diapers,
or even doodle...whatever you do work heartily for the Lord.

After devotionals,
I opened the newest David Austen catalog and 
finally placed my very first order! 
I was always going to last year and regret
that I didn't follow through.   

 Miss Maggie inspired me.
She followed through and she planted;
lovely roses of every color and type. 
I can still remember the  black plastic laid down; with nothing on top.
And planted were roses after roses,  in neat little  rows;
like a vegetable garden!  
It was a sight to behold and inhale!

-This year; my follow through is happening.
And it begins  with 
three very special roses:
Malvern Hills- a yellow rambler.
Gertrude Jekyll- a pink climber.
and the Albrighton rambler- a light pink with musky scent.
I can't wait to meet them come  March.

If any of you grow old English roses and have any tried and true
tips to share, please write me!




1 comment:

Jean said...

Good morning Lea,
I love roses too especially dog roses because they grow wild and their flowers are beautiful and their hips in autumn. The Scottish rose is similar to the dog rose.

The Malvern Hills flower show is the first flower show of the year on tv. I love to watch the flowers shows. I don't have a garden but I can day!!

Have a wonderful day.

Blessings and Joy.