Monday, December 5, 2016

Day Five Mooey and Bright

Three or so years ago, we had a really horrible dry spell in these parts.  
All the grass burned up, and hay got so scarce. 
We normally feed hay November to about April 10th, but during the drought we were having to pay a fortune to feed hay to our cows through the summer.  Myguy decided it was not feasible for us to keep them so one sad day a guy came and loaded them all up.  SOLD.  
I'll never forget hearing them moo as the trailer clanked down our driveway.  
Then it wasn't long and the market went nuts.  Cows were then worth a fortune so 
buying any back after the rains came and grass grew- well; once again that just didn't 
make good sense. So we've waited and finally the market dropped.
Now; we're getting back "in."

The ones we have so far are all a cross of black angus and all  heifers.  
----I've always known Myguy loves raising  cows??... 
And seein that smile back on his face as he's out tending to them... just does my heart so good.  

This little gal is a runt.  She's so small and yet pushes her way right through the others to get her share of grain.  A little fighter; she is.  
We named her Biscuit.  
Got her to eating  out of a bucket now and can pet her head some 
so I hope she'll be a big ole baby one day. 
As I've been writing this I've actually heard some mooing comin from the barn.  
It's moosic  to my ears.
(sorry... I couldn't help myself!! )  

May your day be merry and bright as well.
xoxo L

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Anonymous said...

Little Biscuit is darling and how great to be able to keep some pet cows again, and so interesting to get to know them and their quirkiness. I am sure they will be good company for the donkeys too! I love the sound of moo-ing!!