Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 8... Be Loved and New Recipe Book

Last night I was trying to  finish some things up before bed when my phone dinged a text.  I picked it up and it was from our son Tony.   All it said was, 
"I love you Mom."  
Those 4 beautiful words. 
I just thanked God for that-
then sent love back to him.  

Lately; I've been getting alot of texts from our boys that go like this:
"Hey Momma... how do you make your pumpkin bread?" 
"How do you make those peanut clusters?" 
"How do you make that gravy?" 
"How do you make goulash?"
"How do you make pizza casserole?"
-- It's not just been one son; but both with food questions.
It warms my heart every time.  
Since they've been asking;
I decided to start writing my recipes in a book,
that way if something happens to me ... they can still have 
these foods that they were raised on. 
On the cover I painted one of the little jars that I bake Jesus' birthday cakes in
to give as gifts.   
That recipe will go inside as well.   

-Speaking of recipes; hamburger meat for tater tot hot dish  is frying on the stove.
I'd better get back to it.  

Beloved,   (thankyou JL)



Anonymous said...

What a real Blessing to your heart having the boys ask for recipes and a great gift for them.

As I look out the window this morning and the daylight is pushing out the darkness I can see the clouds moving quickly across the sky on a northerly direction as if they were on a journey and I am thinking off Mary & Joseph and wondering what their journey would have been like when they were told to flee to Egypt with the baby Jesus.

I am thankful that we can share our journey through Advent. Blessings and Joy.
Jeanie x

rebecca said...

Now THAT is a great idea - and I KNOW yours will be beautifully done with love tucked in between the recipes :)

Bless your ♥, Lea.