Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Day 6 When Keeping It Simple Snowballs

It all started out with good intentions.  
Let's simplify things this year.
Let's really focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  
Less chaos,
less hustle and bustle, 
and less stress.
Sounds good doesn't it?  

For "me" that also meant choosing  new books I was interested in 
 to read through Advent.  
I decided to once again go through Ann Voscamp's book
The Greatest Gift.  
Then I chose two other new Advent books
as well as Advent Illustrated so I could also bible journal
my way through Advent as well.  
Thing is; ...it's been annnnnnnnything but simple.  
Mainly because of the book above.  
The title is very significant for me.... and maybe in time I'll share why-- 
But as you can see by the cover; there are several authors for each day.  
Some; I'd never heard of... and some of the day's readings are really long.  
Normally that would still be fine but truth is..
I've had a really hard time grasping some of these devotions  
I read... stop... shake my head... start over... stop...
pray... " and continue on.... 
There was a point I just wanted to say enough already- and 
admit defeat with this one.  But I press on and then something clicks and 
before I know it my nose is pressed to the page and I'm dog earring and underlining...
and shaking my head again- only as a "yes I get it"  nod instead of a wag... 
I really thought I bit off more than I can possibly chew.  Yet,  I want more... and look forward to tomorrow. 
If anyone reading here has read through this book or is in it currently; 
please let me know.  

Until tomorrow.... 


rebecca said...

I haven't read it, but after looking at the list of writers, it is now on my "must read" list. I'll look forward to hearing of its significance to you, Lea. Meanwhile, stay simple in heart AND practice ♥

Anonymous said...

Good morning Lea,

I have not come across this book, so cannot comment but I can relate to what you say about "simplifying" things. I have not been using a particular Advent devotional this year but I have been watching/listening to Ann Voscamp's Advent videos again and am finding them helpful and peaceful.

Blessings and Joy to you as we continue through Advent

Jeanie x

Leaon Mary said...

Thankyou for sharing that Rebecca. Your words of wisdom to stay simple in heart AND practice is being heeded and I'm writing that in my journal tonight. Thank you for always inspiring and encouraging me.

Jeanie, I love reading and listening to Ann V as well.
Thankyou for stopping by the shed today.
xoxo L