Friday, December 30, 2016

Day 30 Reflecting and Counting My Blessings

 It was hard news; the kind that's hard to stomach.  
A winding long reel of world happenings in 2016.  
  Wars, terrorism, bombings,  and devastation.  
I walked over to watch.
Every gut wrenching evil and heart ache imaginable. 
The whole thing was all bad news  and I couldn't help but 
think  of it 
throughout the day. 
But then I started thinking about all the good news, and good things that the newscaster 
didn't report.  
Then I  started reflecting on my own life  and began counting  blessings.  
As the new year rolls in, I'll keep writing them down,  
 and giving God thanks.

 Tonight's post is going to have to be cut short.
I've got a huge mess going on... clipping magazines for vision boards in a journal.
I'll try to show pics in the days to come.  
Oh, had to share this clipping.... 
it was just meant to be!  


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lea, I am just smiling on seeing that beeeauutiful picture of you and Blakelea, oh that is just thee best.

Wish I could be there clipping mag pictures with you, isn't it fun.

Love you girl and your sweet family.

Happy Hogmanay!!

J xo

Leaon Mary said...

Happy Hogmanay Jeanie! I looked up Hogmanay and smiled thinking of my favorite SCOT raising her glass singing Auld Lang Syne! Have you ever went to Edinburgh to celebrate before? I love learning about your history! Thankyou about the picture... man I just love that wee one so much. Wish you could come clip mags with me too... maybe someday you'll get that passport and head to Arkansas. :) Big hug from me to thee and Happy New Year!