Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 3 The Mystery Hen and Christmas Cheer

 She's a tiny thing; ... the mystery hen.
A Quail Antwerp Belgian bantam.
While I love turning all my chickens out; 
and letting them scratch around the garden; 
these I've had to keep cooped.  
They're just too tiny and easy for the hawks to carry off.  
Once they got a taste for chicken... it became a daily buffet so I had
to start keeping them locked up.  
One little hen however has taken up residence somewhere in our backyard. 
I've only caught glimpses of her maybe five times now in the past month.   But everytime I've tried to catch her she just disappears.
Probably under our back porch.  
I've kind of figured she was setting on a nest of eggs.  
And any day expect to look out to see a passel of chicklets.
Moments ago I glanced out the back door and saw her scratching around the 
tire planter.  I found my slippers and jacket and headed out there ... and again
she's in hiding.  ?  
How she hasn't been found by a possum or raccoon I'll never know.  
Even if I could catch her now; I just don't have the heart to take her to the coop 
- just in case she really is setting on eggs- I couldn't bare to be the cause of her eggs to die.  
So ... now is yet another chance for patience to grow.  
So ... again... I wait.  

It's drizzling and cold- 
beginning to feel like Christmas time.  
The house is all decorated - except for 
gathering a few pine and cedar boughs to toss in barrels
on the front porch.  
The Christmas cactus in the green house is fixin to bloom-
and yesterday Michelle surprised me with this poinsettia.  
I love them so much and she's spoiled me three years now with a 
pot of  blooming Christmas cheer.    
She also gave me another surprise- 
On Thanksgiving; she noticed  my potholders were far and few between-
Sooooo... she saw to it that come Christmas we'll be passing the gravy with pretty
new pot holders and drying dishes with cheerful towels Pioneer woman fashion.  
(I love that gal)-- the pioneer woman too.   :)

I'm off to fire up the oven and start a meat loaf for supper.
Time to break in a new mit.  

Love from the shed.  


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lea, from a frosty Scotland...the sky is clear and the stars all sparkling and already the second Sunday of Advent.

I do hope you find your elusive little bantam and maybe a nest too!!. I googled to see a picture of them and oh how sweet they look.

Your lovely red poinsettia is cheery!!! such a thoughtful gift.

Thank you for sharing your precious day. God Bless.

Dawn Dutton said...

I hope your hen has a few new chicks to care for. They are so adorable and fun to watch.
Your Michelle is such a sweetheart. You are truly blest. Hugs!