Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 29 More Planning For The New Year

 Hello friends,
I just poured this hot mug of tea using the cup I once gave to my AngelMother.  
On certain days like today,  I find myself choosing to use it over all thee other cups.
Some days I still talk outloud to her and I wonder do we  ever get over that?  
In some ways I hope not.  
Anyways I've sipped more than my share of hot vanilla tea the past couple days.  
Don't know if it's helping?  I feel better but it's like this head cold has slid down
to the hollow on the front part of my neck.  I think our voiceboxes are in there somewhere.  
So I keep sippin hot tea... 

Only three more days and we get to take down the old calendars
and hang up a brand new year.  
I've still not even bought one. Plenty of planner supplies but not
one little wall calendar. 
Our mechanics shop gets so many car calendars free in the mail
but .... they just don't float this boat.  
Guess I lean more toward flower gardens, and mountains.   
Do any of you get all fired up to get a new calendar?
Do you feel hope and inspiration when you turn to a 
fresh page?

I sure do.   

Just think of the possibilities. 
Because with God ALL things are possible.  

 This afternoon; I finished preparing a couple more 
 I sprayed the first few pages and 
I'm anxious to fill it all in.  
Sometimes the way the ink dries, you can see 
things to sketch in them.  
It's a little like seeing animals and characters in the clouds.

I sign off tonight with what I'll be carting with me along to bed. 
Talk about happy mail with  
more planning and dreaming to do.  

May visions of colorful, vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes,
an apron full of sweet peas, 
the sweet crunch of a cuke, and
an antique, aqua  Ball jar just chock-full of pink peonies
dance in our heads.  

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Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe it's nearly Hogmanay and the end of a year, it seems just like yesterday we were planning our anchor verses and words for the year 16.

I am glad you are feeling better Lea and appreciate you sharing your lovely pics of your day. Take good care Big Hugs.

Blessings and Joy.