Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Day 28 AND a Winter Cold RX

An old wives tale says ... feed a fever and starve a cold.
I don't know if there's  any truth to it?
It's definitely  harder to eat if you can't breathe though your nose though.  
I've also heard that  spicy food is  a good decongestant.
That one actually makes a little more sense.  
Anyways,  tonight I made this big pot of frito chili pie.  
It's one of Myguy's favorites and it just sounded comforting.

What are things you like to eat when you're down with the crud
or a bad case of  the blah's?


Anonymous said...

Keep cozy dear friend and enjoy that chilli!! My hubster likes chilli too for clearing blocked noses.

Hot lemon, honey & ginger is my thing!

God Bless

Dawn Dutton said...

What a good idea for clearing the sinuses. My comfort food would be chicken dumpling soup!
Enjoy your chili.
Hugs, dawnduttonalloneword