Monday, December 26, 2016

Day 26 The Day After

The day after.  

The Christmas tree is still standing in a corner of our living room. 
The white curtain lights hanging from  the eaves of our house have been left on since Christmas Eve. 
The snowflake on the advent calendar hangs  from it's string not having a place to "be."  
And little by little the ziplock baggy of ham is shrinking in the fridge, and cookies and bars are either 
disappearing or getting stale.  
Soon the chickens will get the last of the leftovers and the day will come 
to box everything up and tuck it away in drawers, plastic totes and sheds.  
Some years, I'm one of "those" people who take it all down the day after Christmas.  
All but the "lights."  
Those I like  to keep for as long as we can.  
Today; light has new meaning.  
I'll share more about it closer to the new year.  


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Anonymous said...

Good morning Lea, and a calm day at last after our storminess here. I was glad to get out for a walk this morning, not leaning into the wind, like the past few days, although sometimes it feels like that in life doesn't it. But we have a Saviour, the everlasting arms to lean on. Thank you Jesus.

Blessings and Joy.