Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 23 Planning Forward for 2017

With the new year around the corner, 
I thought I'd share some of the groups I've  participated in and also
how I use my planners and traveler's notebooks.  

The leather cover  up above is brand new from R Atelier.  
It's not been used yet and is waiting for the 
Hobonichi cousin notebook to go inside.  
Last year I used the techo size which is smaller and I found I didn't use
it as often as the last cousin size I used the year prior.  
Anyways for those of you who are interested and like to sketch or write
with fountain pens, the hobonichi is created from
tomoe river paper and it's so crinkly good after watercoloring and sketching.
And this leather embossed ROSES cover from R Atelier... well 
it's truly yummy in every sense of the word.  I can't wait 
for January 1 to start using her.  
 Two years ago I participated in 
Documented Faith.  This chubby moleskine planner book was
what I used for the whole year.  The edges of every page is washi taped and has
another page tipped in so I had room to add anything I wanted to my days.  
 Here's an example of the extra pages tipped in.  
Out of all my books/journals/planners,
this one... may be my most favorite.  
It's so full of life with pictures of my family as well
as documenting my faith.  
Last year, I made the mistake of not following along.
I chose other things and man did I regret it.  
I'm not good at jumping into something midway so I've waited til now
and am so excited to start again!
 I don't know what anyone is using but I decided I had to have
another Moleskine.  Look how skinny the poor thing is. 
I've started adding washi and hope to feed her well in the months to come!
 This I've shared before.  It's what I used for this month's 
plan books. It's from Chic Sparrow but I can't remember the name. I'm pretty sure it's not offered
anymore.    Inside, I paint in the pages, and plan and document every day.  
It often comes to bed with me so I can watercolor on the next day's pages or 
fill in things if plans changed.  Sometimes I also grab my phone and print out 
a picture of something from the day with the little polaroid zip on my night stand,
and stick it on the page since it has sticker paper.  Now that I'm a Grama, there
are always lots of pictures in my pages of Babygirl.  
 Lately I've been using  blank plan books from
Planner Perfect and 
have painted or decorated the covers.  
This past week the verse I had from my study time,
was the same as a card that my friend FancyNancy sent me.
I'll save it right there.  
 This is a Maverick from Chic Sparrow.  
Oldepottingshed is engraved on the bottom cover.  
It will be what I switch out of from the red Sparrow.  
Lately I've been enjoying wider notebooks inside, so it'll fit 
the new years quarterlies from Inkwell Press. 

 After going through the Books The Artist Way and 
The Creative Called, I have continued writing morning pages.  
Every day after devotionals I write for a good 20 minutes without a care in the world.
I just write whatever comes to my mind.  It's a great place to spill my guts, and 
dream, and speak truth to myself.  It  often turns into prayers.  
Anyways, I learned  going through the Artist Way to keep these pages to myself.
 As you can see, a November insert is still inside because it wasn't full after November and spilled into 
December.  I can't tell you how ... I absolutely lovelovelove doing this.  It's something
I look so forward to everyday.  I've missed a time or two and ... missed is the correct word 
there because I really did miss doing it.  It's something I will hopefully continue for as long as I'm able.  
 Here's another new book to start the new year.
It's a leather art journal sent from another artist friend.  
She got herself one as well and they even have peerless watercolors inside!  
I've used peerless before and they are the bomb.  
Notice she even attached a dragonfly to this one!  
I'm excited to start... and have already been dreaming what the very first
page might be?
 This is a sketch book that will be carried over this year.  
This past year I started sketching characters inside and it's not even half full yet.  
 It's another that gets carried to bed often.  
It's just so fun to just start playin around.  
These gals are kind of like cabbage patch people.
They're born in the pages of this book.   

 At the beginning of Advent I shared that this book; 
well, I almost put it back on the shelf.  I don't know why I struggled 
with what I'd read at first but I'm glad I kept going.    
It's now maybe my favorite advent book.  
It will be over January 7th and I don't even want it to end. 
Some of the authors I hope to continue with.   

This is another book from the author of the Artist Way.
I'll be starting it in January.  I enjoyed the others so much.
I found this copy on ebay.  

Aside from this I'm looking forward to 
Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday's,
and also a couple new bible studies.  
I'll share more about those on another day.  

Feel free to share any classes, books, studies, 
tn's, calendars, or things with me.  
I love learning about new things!  


dianne said...

I appreciate all the information and encouragement you give us.

rebecca said...

I'm dazzled by all your creative journals. I have NO idea how you keep them all going, but I love seeing them. Every PAGE of them. Now, I'd also like to see where your store them from year to year. Do you have a special shelf/space/ROOM????

I think I share some of your excitement as you look forward to a new year. You sound a little like a race horse in the gate right before the race.

Merry Christmas, Lea! Journal the joy in print and portrait, pen and paint. ♥

Dawn Dutton said...

Lea, I love all your notebooks and planners! I'm excited about the new year and all the great things you will share here. I love reading your blog! You are one creative gal! Have a light filled new year!