Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 16 Random Blessings

A few random blessings:

For a little extra snuggle time this morning... 
and the loves in my life.  

For shared tea and teapots 
with a friend states away-

... that my sisterbear  turned 60 and this  gift of 

For our miracle friend and that he was able to ride  a cart in walmart after
surviving a brain aneurysm and car accident.  

For marriage growing stronger as one-
year after year.

For my Abba Father's presence in my life  and that He
never lets me down. 

That I have Christmas
and not xmas.  

For protection when a mistake
was made.

For a word coming again
and again and heart to see it.  

For the gift of an art journal 
shared and encouragement  to 

For the crazy geese honking over head.

Laughter over the  Christmas lit hen.  

For long walks and these short chubby legs
that carry me. 

For good food; nourishing and hearty-

Hand holding with Myguy ... and how he really listens.  

For the lady bug in the pine boughs.

That our Strongheart wrote and shared:  I love my mom and dad-

Time with a grand girl and how she lays her
head on my shoulder.  

For  this 
messy, imperfect, grace giving
Thank you God.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A lady bug in the pine boughs, I love that.

Grateful for you dear friend and hearing about your days. Love ya.