Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 15 Snowy Lantern

 The other day in Hobby Lobby I was looking through the beautiful glass lanterns.
I've been seeing them used alot in Christmas decor.  While perusing the isle
I remembered this antique lantern that our brother in law gave us years and years ago.
It's been in our barn for the past ten years or so  now.
 Picking it up was scary because I don't think it ever had a cap on it
and I wasn't sure if something could be in it.  Nothing was but I did discover it was plumb full of hay.  I guess mice had taken up residence at times.  It took so long flushing it with the waterhose and a little tool I found that worked to dig it all out.  Getting the globe out was tricky too.  
Then I took it al in the house and cleaned some more.  
Today was probably too  chilly to paint but ... I did it anyways. 
It took about a half a can of flat black.  

It went really well except for the cap I found to fit it.  
It was off an old bottle and was white with some orange on it.  It didn't want to cover 
at all... but it turned out okay.  
 Tonight, Myguy helped me set the globe back in and held it while I filled it
with snow, bottle trees and this little fox.  

 Reminds me of looking into a snowglobe.
I sure hope we get some snow here this year.  
Myguy told me the other day; if we don't we're jumping in the jeep 
and driving one day until we find some. 
 I have no doubt he means it.  
- Always an adventure!  


Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation!! You are a very creative girl.

I do hope you find some snow and make snow angels!!

Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Jeanie x

Leaon Mary said...

Good morning Jeanie; ... and good afternoon where you are!
I came so close to buying a new lantern at the store; ... was glad I remembered this one because it already has history. Yes to snow angels! And there is just nothing like a long walk through the woods after a big snow.