Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 14 My Afternoon To Do List and Porch Percher

 The day started out fairly routine.  
But while doing my morning devotionals I got a text from my Michelle asking if I'd want 
to watch Blakelea for the afternoon.  I think I responded with "heck yeah!"  
From then on, I kicked it in gear to finish all my morning chores, and ran to the post office
to mail packages.  When I got home I fed cows and chickens and did all the outdoor chores
and finished  everything just in the nick of time.  
The whole rest of the day my to do list had but ONE priority.  
Love on my grand girl.  
It was so far 
best time we've spent alone together yet.  
And we've had some awesome days already.  

 It's funny; I just saw her on Sunday but she's doing new things.
She tries to sit up in her little chair all by herself and rolls all over the floor
and grabs things more too.  
How fast they grow! 
You just forget how quickly they truly grow!!    
 After 5, Tony picked her up when he got off work so it was great spending 
abit of time with him and our  
Trent came up to the house from the mechanics shop too.  And of course  
Grampa got right home too so he could get him some Blakelea sugars too.  
I just love all five of them so much and I'm so thankful for each of them.    

After they all headed out; "Grampa" and I ran to town to grab some tacos.  
When we got home and I was unlocking the door is when I noticed "her."  
"What are you doing roosting on the porch Henny Penny?"  
She's  "never" done this before.  She's never been a  porch percher?
We only have 6 big hens that we turn out during the day along with olde Spur the rooster.  
The little banty's stay cooped because the hawks will carry them off otherwise.  These big gals they 
don't mess with though and at night they go  back to their pen in the barn  and we close the door behind them.  It was so comical to find this chicken  just enjoying the Christmas lights.  
I picked her up and carried her to the barn so a possum wouldn't eat her.  
A funny ending to a wonderful day.  



Rebecca said...

What a lovely day with such happy variety! ♥ you, Lea.

Anonymous said...

Such beeeautiful family photos Lea, and I am thankful that you have shared them. I find them such a Blessing today.

Love you.

Jeanie x

Leaon Mary said...

Thankyou! Rebecca and Jeanie... I tell ya; having Blakelea here I find I take so many more photos now than I used to. I'm constantly running out of storage it says... then have to delete them. haha Thanks for spending time with me today!