Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 12 Prancer

 After evening chores; I took Aspen Rose for a walk;
 just me n her.  It was kind of nice for a change and she ran so hard.

 Here's the greenhouse at the top of the hill.  It has a little string of white lights hanging inside 
that just stay on all the time. Half the floor is full of plants still and most
are doing well still.  I guess the floor held some heat  even though it got down
to 18 the other night.  

 As we walked to the barn to put the chickens to bed, I caught Gracie
getting a genuine cow kiss.  
The new calves are settling  in really well
 When Myguy got off work tonight we finally finished Christmas shopping in
a nearby town.  
Afterwards we drove around to look at Christmas lights.  The area we were in- well 
... there was hardly anything.  
Finally came to this house 
 that was decorated with the cutest luminaries.  
I wish I would have gotten a better photo because they were so pretty.
 Turning the last corner before heading for home we came to this.
Happy Birthday Jesus!  
What a beautiful sign.  
Then we had to jump on the interstate to get home.

 When we got off the highway I told Myguy I saw a deer on the side of the road that 
didn't look right.  I wasn't sure why but ... he turned around to see if it was still there.
It was.  And it did look funny. 
Poor thing.  
Think he'd been injured because he was kinda gimpy besides having 
lost half his rack.  I hope he'll be alright.  
The little girl in me would  like to go get the stock trailer; load him up and 
bring him back to the barn and feed him sugar cookies.  
Could be I've watched Prancer too many times.  



Anonymous said...

I feel as if I have been out walking with you and Aspen Rose and then out seeing the lights I loved the sign especially.

Thank you for sharing another day Lea...I am enjoying journeying through Advent with you.

It is 8 degrees here this morning and dropping down to 6c later so hopefully there will be clear skies and stars!!


Jeanie x

Leaon Mary said...

Thanks for coming along Jeanie!
8 degrees is soooo cold! Send some of that to us please!
I want SNOW.... in a bad way! Piles of it!

Dawn Dutton said...

What a nice post. Loved your pictures. Poor deer..