Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day 11 Little Trip With Our Kids

It was a treat today riding with our kids to the mall so Blakelea could meet Santa.
It had already been a long day and they were worried by the time we got to the front
of the line that she'd start crying.  But she didn't.
She wasn't afraid of Santa and actually smiled three times while he held her.
I forgot to take a picture of the photo they bought.  

We shopped awhile longer and then she started to sack out.   
 I just can't tell you how my heart melts when she falls asleep and lays her head 
on my shoulder.  
On the ride home, Myguy and I sat on both sides of her in the back seat.  
She fell asleep again and slept the whole ride home.  
I reached over and laid my arm across the bottom of the carseat and held Myguy's left hand,
and before I knew it he reached over with his right hand over the carseat and held my other hand-
with our sweet grand girl snuggled between us.  What a moment I want to remember forever.
Oh and did you notice Myguy is starting to grow a beard?  
He has shaved for sooooooooooo many years and in the times when he's actually forgotten
to shave and we go somewhere he looks startled when he realizes and goes, "Ohman I forgot to shave."  So when day one went by and he never said anything... I didn't either.  Then day two... came and went.  Then day three.  I couldn't help but wonder if when he saw those white whiskers if he thought,... Hmmmm... I'm kind of matching my wife's hair.  
 It's now been a full week.  
He's really doing it! 
Growing old together is sure sweet.

This was a day I hope to remember forever. 


Anonymous said...

Awwww Lea these are such precious photos and moments to share I can hardly believe how little Blakelea is growing!! Oh she is soooo gorgeous....I want a HUG!!

Thank you for sharing another day thru Advent and what a day!! Treasures for your heart.

Jeanie xo

Dawn Dutton said...

Oh Lea, Such sweet memories.... makes me cry...Dawn