Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 1 Decking The Quirky Halls

December Day One:

When decking the halls... but you  just want to leave the deer skull on the wall.  
  Woodland Christmas?  

Keeping this short but sweet;  
determined to share  "something" every day all month. 
Clicking publish at 11:57 pm day one by the skin of my teeth.  



Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend, how lovely to come visit you...I would love to "deck the halls" with you....OH and I know where we can get some "boughs of holly" I walked past a beautiful holly tree this morning and it had red berries. tomorrow we are to get a little touch of frost so it will look real festive.

I look forward to sharing your days as we look forward to Jesus Birth Day.

Jeanie x

sorry I had to leave comment under Anonymous, I couldn't sign in to gmail!!

Anonymous said...

You get an A for effort. Will look forward to your posts, whenever they arrive.