Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Hug From Bethlehem

Myguy and I spent all afternoon in Fort Smith trying to finish up 
our Christmas shopping. 
You know the old saying?... "Shop til you drop;" 
-- well I'm feelin that now. 

While there; we hit several places that we don't have in our own neck of the woods.
 I can't even tell you how long it'd  been since we'd visited 
a mall; although it really wasn't too bad.  
We  saw Santa, and   
-no; we didn't sit on his lap;
the line was too long for that.    

See the carved holy family up above?
As we were walking  through the mall; there was this vendor 
in the center isle selling gifts from the Holy land.  
We stopped to look and the sweetest gentleman greeted us.  
He told us everything was made from Olive wood and told me he himself
is from Bethlehem.  I know my eyes had to have lit up when I heard that and 
I told him going to Israel is my dream.  I want so much to go there one day.  
He reached down and grabbed one of these:
and told me it was a "gift."  
Those of you who actually know me; probably can look at this 
and see the significance.
I can tell you, it'll hang on our tree forever.  
Myguy and I did some shopping in his booth and when we went to leave 
the man approached me and HUGGED me.  
Looking at this photograph as I write and "remember," ...
I can't shake the funny feelin."  
While it's still  fresh on my mind; I'm gonna go write about it in  my journal and hang
this gift on our tree.  

Hug from Star,

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Anonymous said...

I got goosebumps reading this Lea. What a "wonder full" gift and blessing to receive during Advent...You were meant to go to that mall!

Thank you for sharing dear friend.

Jeanie xo