Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thyme Again

Good morning friends,

This morning I did something I've never done before.
After  time in the Word; I set my alarm for twenty minutes and wrote without stopping.  
It's a new priority without any rules other than "just write."  No punctuation necessary... and it can't be done wrong.  Just write.  
(pun un-intended but I'm still smiling because of it)
I wasn't sure how it would  go but it turned into a prayer.  

Writing was the thing I did as a kid-
especially poetry.  
Although I usually kept a journal and planner...
writing creatively was something that for some reason; I set on the back burner after the kids came.
Life just got busy and louder.

Is there something that you "used" to love to do but 
for some reason... stopped?
Maybe it's thyme again for you too? 


Jean Ramsay said...

Hi Lea, I did a creative writing class once and there was an exercise called writing from a stream of consciousness, you just put pen to paper and start writing and when I tried it, I found it amazing how the words just appear and it ended up becoming like a piece of poetry which I probably wouldn't have written if I had just sat down to write "a poem".

Blessings and Joy.

Dawn Dutton said...

Lea, Have you ever heard of the Artist's Way Book? I did that years ago.
One of the main things that you do while reading the book is write for 30 minutes.
It is what ever comes to mind. Doesn't need to make sense. What I found is that when
I did that I was able to write better. Even poetry or quotes. They would just come to me.
I did mine on the computer at that time since I didn't write much. I can type faster than I can
hand write? I may try it again soon. I gave my book away or i'd send it to you. Your library may have
a copy. I was skeptical when I started but it does work. Odd...
Have a super, fabulous, awesome day my friend, Dawn

Leaon Mary said...

I agree Jean n Dawn... it's amazing what just flows once you get going and don't overthink it. Yes Dawn I know the book you spoke of. It goes right along with what I started doing this writing for twenty minutes everyday... no hashing anything out... just whatever comes- putting it to paper. I love it so much. Gonna have to find a good deal on inserts coz they're already filling up fast! Yesterday I sat writing just words that came to mind. Words I like... looking back over it... felt like music because it was all the things i really loved. I kind of think entering this new phase of life... fifties going on sixties now.... helps too somehow? I've crossed a threshhold where I really don't care much anymore over the judgements certain people have placed on me over the years? Being free to be yourself. Your true authentic self.