Saturday, September 10, 2016

Revising and Punkin Play

Good morning merry Sunshines,
No matter that  it's actually drizzly here- merriment remains.

--So I was wrong*
Thought the pumpkin bread recipe was already in the recipe box tab but
scrolling through; I didn't see it.  It's there now.  For real    :)  
If you make it; I hope you love it. 

The recipe in my cookbook is so splattered and marked in the margin:  FAVORITE 
and Mikes favorite.  Apparently it's our eldest son's as well because 
he text me this week and asked, "Momma how do you make your pumpkin bread?" 
-- So when I finally found cans of pumpkin I bought some for him too.  It sure 
blesses this olde heart when grown manchild sons wanna know how it's done.  
I don't think he's made any yet; so I  have no doubt at some point today I'll hear 
the screen door slam and a rifling through in the kitchen to find what he knows
is already baked up.  Writing that just now brought that warmfuzzyfeelin.  

With pumpkin on the brain, and inspiration from my friend DawnDuttonalloneword: (that's what we call her)  -well I've also rifled through my paper stash.
These were purchased last year and never used.  Today, scissors will fly and a couple 
bare naked paper inserts will get dolled up for Fall. No more hoarding it.  
Use it uP!  
 Collages of this  lil  Punkin will also be printed out and 
washi taped to the pages.  
My new selphy and zip printers are getting a work out since she's arrived.
I've already had to reorder papers for them.  But it's so handy
to carry the zip with me to bed and print a few right off my phone.  

Alright friends... this olde farmhouse doesn't  clean itself.  
Time to knock that out first before punkin paper play. 

Have a great day! 
Leaon Mary xoxo

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Jean Ramsay said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely busy time baking and taking pics, especially the little one.. she must be such a joy in the family...such a cutie too!!

It's a quiet day here, even the seagulls must be out at sea.

Sending Hugs.