Friday, August 19, 2016

When You Fall Off The Face Of The Earth

Hello from the Olde Shed.  
It's been so long since I've written here.  
So much time has passed.  
I don't even know where to 

 I'll just write into the wild blue yonder.  
Beyond those trees is the potting shed
and I'm waving to "you."  
Yep, if you're reading this;
 then that means I'm wavin to
Hi there. 

-- So alot has happened since I last blogged.  
Really didn't "fall" off the face of the earth but it's been a lonnnnnng quiet spell for me.  
Time spent seeking.....studying... reading,... studying.... more seeking... 
learning... living....and hopefully growing some.  
I'm entering a new phase of life and I'll be documenting and sharing the days 
right here. 

I've kinda wondered if I should start a new blog?
But ... this is home.  
Where I belong.

Part of why I stopped writing was ... I got soured and began questioning things.  
I was reading some very popular writers and  I've shared a few of them  here.  I've even  participated in some of their studies and challenges.   But day in and day out it just seemed like 
they have everything figured out?    Also life always 
appears so perfect? Well I can promise you... it is nothing like that here.
I have more questions than answers and life is far from perfect.  
So I quit reading ... then quit writing... and began just seeking God more.  
Alot of life  rocked on.  
Oh; and something else happened. ...... 

 We got this seven pound little wonder very recently. 
Our very first grandchild.  
A grandgirl... named Blakelea.  
Did you catch the lea part?  :)  
The kids  blew  me away when they said
 they wanted the last part of her name spelled like mine.  
Happysigh.  I've felt an incredible connection since even before she was born.
Holding her now?... I can feel our hearts snc together. 
I've been a little scared I won't lie.  
Never had a girl before-  ... and babies
well... let's just say the nursery duty at church... is NOT my thing.  
But this sweet girl... she most definitely definitely is my thing!!!! xoxoxoxo 
Not a problem whatsoever.  Until her hair gets long... then we may need some lessons.  
And that is an understatement.  God have mercy.  

 This past week, I took baby and Momma  to their first doctor appointments.  
-And it was my first time watching Blakelea all alone.  
You probably could have heard my heart pounding from ten miles away. lol
I was  worried she'd start crying in the waiting room  and I wouldn't know how to get her to stop!???
It's been over 30 years now since I had a baby, so I'm pretty rusty.  
Michelle had a bottle ready for me just in case but the little angel-
she slept thee entire time!  shewww.  
All that worrying for nothin.  :) 
And this little girl is one of my prayers answered!! 
-A  dream come true.

 So   life's full of changes and 
I'm finding myself turning this new page--
 and entering a whole new phase,
  Life as a   middle-aged wife, mom, and grandma.
Been discovering what my gifts,  talents and strengths are 
and have a great desire to live life more intentionally.  

Life is a gift.  
Every day... and every

In the days to come, I plan on writing here
more like a journal. 
 Writing into the wild blue yonder.  

God has crossed my path with so many people and new friends
through the open door of this shabby olde potting shed.  
And I'm very thankful.  

So here's to the next chapter of the 
potting shed. 
I invite you along... 

May we share  the journey...
Love, Leaon Mary


Jean Ramsay said...

I'm waving back's soooo good to come and visit the shed and welcome little Blakelea into the world...what a little miracle and blessing she is. Life is a gift and we are so blessed to be able to come together and share and I love sharing your days and look forward to continuing thee journey.....finding our gifts and talents and being able to use them for God's glory and honour.

Blessings dear friend.

rebecca said...

I'm glad you're back - and I look forward to sharing the journey.♥

I've seen photos of your new girlbaby on facebook and have been "feeling" the joy each time I see them. (Oh, and about "more questions than answers"? I totally get it!)

Debra said...

Oh Yes!!Yea and amen! I can't wait to walk beside you on your journey, and make it mine as well....

Terra Hangen said...

Welcome back to blog land; I hope you don't start a new blog. It is all one life, after all. What a thrill for you to have a grandbaby and that precious name of hers.

Dawn Dutton said...

What a beautiful life! Enjoy your new baby.

Leaon Mary said...

Hi Debra! Man is it ever good to see your voice here today! I've missed you!
Thankyou Terra! I don't believe I'll be starting any other new blog... this is home! Thanks for your encouragement... DawnDutton all one word... it's awesome seeing you back in blogland too!