Thursday, August 25, 2016

Living It Up

So while this may not be a scripture picture-
Thought I'd play around with a quote I came across the other day.  

For the past month, I've been a part of 
"project me" on Jenny Pentons Planner Perfect site.  
She makes really beautiful plan books that fit inside
traveler's notebooks.  
Going through sections of Body, Mind Soul,- I've  seen how easy it can be to go through life ... kind of existing
and just doing whatever happens next and sometimes that may not seem like
much.  As we age sometimes I know I can get a bit humdrum?  
But sometimes it just takes a little dreaming..
what would I like to do?
With God all things are possible.

I want to live like that.  


Jean Ramsay said...

"Me too"....I want to live like that.

YOU are a gift dear friend and I am ever thankful that our dots connected.

Praise the Lord.

rebecca said...

Me, too! Sounds like a great resource, Lea.

Dawn Dutton said...

Amen Sista

Dawn Dutton said...

Intentional living! The best way to live.

~Pam~ said...

Happy September!!! Love this post!! xoxo