Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ants in Your Pants

 Got ants? 

Last year the biggest insect problem we had was red wasps.  This season.. 
it's ants.   
After getting attacked twice when I mowed our dog yard; I started reading about them.
Not only have we been finding huge hills in our pasture and yard, but  armies
covering our house... - at times  invading  our counters as well.  
We've been buying everything we can get our hands on to try and get 
rid of them!  The little red ones and the carpenter ants.  

Can't wear sandals anymore or if you stand in one spot for a moment
you'll regret it.  It's that bad.
When I mowed my walking paths in the back pasture I came across
the little town being built in the photo above.  
Looks like little skyscrapers.  

 This is what most of them look like in our yard.  
Step in that and stand for two seconds... and you're in big trouble.  
 This is the biggest one I've found so far.  
It covers the entire span between an H post. 
Not sure what kind of ants these are.  
It's scary to mow because on the rider even when you hit one
sometimes ants go flying out the side of the mower and if the wind is right and 
anything blows back on you; it's katybarthedoor.  

If any of you knows of anything that seriously kills them let me know.
If we could buy a herd of ant eaters we would. 
Least when I walked out back to take the photos I found another  new 
Jay feather for my collection.  Isn't it beautiful?  

Time to rustle up some supper.  
Leaon Mary xoxo


rebecca said...

That's kind of scary, actually....
We had a new problem we'd never encountered before - Carpenter BEES! I first noticed some freshly gnawed holes in one of the boards behind our cabin (where we usually don't look). A few bee-like creatures were hovering near them and as I watched went in and out. After figuring out what they are, Gary put some powder substance in the holes that was supposed to kill the larvae, but I think we have some new holes. I dream of the entire cabin collapsing.

Jean Ramsay said...

Oh friend, I am sorry to hear about the ants problem and cannot unfortunately suggest anything as I haven't experienced such but I am praying right now, that these ants will move on and get off your property.

Sending Blessings.

Dawn Dutton said...

Holy Ant hill.... I have never seen anything like that at all. Even in Texas.
Be careful girl...

Anonymous said...

Try Borax. They hate it!

Leaon Mary said...

Rebecca, ... those carpenter bees will drill out holes like crazy won't they? They've burrowed right through the chair seat that my son made for me. arg... hope that powder you used gets them out of there. Jean... thank you for your prayers... yes!
Dawn since you lived in Texas you know how evil those things are!
Anonymous... thankyou for the tip... I did do as you suggested... and hope it works.