Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Garden Progress

Good afternoon friends,

Since my last post, I read this quote:
Gardening is 
the work of a lifetime:
you never 
~Oscar De La Renta~ 
(I love that) 
It sure seems to  hold true.

-- Anyways... I thought I'd jump on here and share with yall 
how things are coming along.  

 This is what it looked like behind our garden after finishing the fence.  
And then ... came some fun parts.  
 Like filling Shirley's tub with a few rocks and good
soil and planting it up in white wave tunies.  
This is a very hot area and I hope they do alright.  
I'd just love for them to spill over one of these days.  
We'll see!  
My dear Hubster worked his tail off for me.  
He made this flower bed and 
 we took apart an old sandbox out back and used the boards from it
to make an herb bed.  

There's not much in it yet; but that will probably take years before
finding all the seed I'd like to start.  So far it only has some coriander, 
thyme, and basil. --But I'd really like to get into growing herbs for teas.   
Any advice I'd sure appreciate.  

Years and years ago an old friend
gave me a really good book called Southern Herb Growing.  She was a gardener her whole life and wasn't able to do it much anymore.  Seeing how much I love gardening, she gave her special book to me.  
It meant so much to me then... and even now.    

 So far; this new flower bed has lemon grass, salvia, coneflowers, tunies, calibrachoa, and also 
forget me nots- started from seed.  
The Star was a Christmas gift from one of our neighbors.  

 Myguy picked up this olde barn door years ago at a flea market and it's
just sat out in a shed until now.  I love the memories that are often tied to a thing.  Every time I see that door, I remember the day we stopped at that little flea market and can still see Myguy loading that door in  the bed of his truck.  

 One year on Mother's day; I got this olde window and Myguy 
made the little shutters.  We put it behind an outdoor potters bench  made
out of olde boards and posts.  
 It took a lot of pea gravel to fill in all this area.  
Probably could use more but at least the plastic is all covered up.  

 I was so happy to find Knock out roses on death row at wally world for 3.11!
One went right behind the olde bathtub and a few others along our dog fence to hopefully 
keep creating a secret garden back here.  Roses are such a classic and having a few you don't have to spray and fuss over sure get my vote.  
 Still have a few pots of lavender to plant.  It's not a plant I've done too well with in the past. 
But... here's to do overs!  
Come on little lavenders... stay happy! 

 Our youngest son gave me this olde mailbox a couple years ago.
Funny how you can lay eyes on  something and just know
you gotta paint it pink.  Anyways, it too found a special place to be planted.  

 Digging through some of the junk around here; 
this olde piano bench became a more useful plant stand.
We took the ugly fabric lid off the top and added a piece of picket fence to the back. 
I was so glad we had enough  mulch brown and green turquoise paint leftover.  It may still
get some barn wood screwed to the top if we have any left.  
 One of our friends gave us a pile of olde wooden posts and this one is the next project.  
We still have more room to do other things but for now we'll let grass grow and 
see what happens.  With our first grand baby on the way I keep hoping she'll be  a growgirl too and need her very own little garden spot back here like Grammy.   Time will tell.  
 People have asked me, "What's your favorite flower?" 
That's a hard question.. but right now-  ... today... -  coneflowers take the cake.  
I love them so much.  
Well.. better get to work around here.  
Until we meet again.
xoxo Leaon Mary


Anonymous said...

I am loving your projects Lea, and how you re-purpose things like the barn door and the window with shutters and the memories. A herb garden!!! sounds amazing. As you know I like tea but am not sure about growing, it's just not warm enough here although they say lemon balm is hardy but can take over a border and the fresh leaves can be used making tea. I like Earl Grey tea which has bergamot and mint & chamomile is refreshing too. I loved the idea of chocolate mint when you told me you had some growing!!!. I hope the lavender grows for you that would be awesome. I am sure Peter Rabbit would be delighted to visit your garden. It is exciting thinking about your grand baby girl becoming a little gardener and having a little patch of earth to sow.
Thank you for sharing your BLESSINGS dear friend.

rebecca said...

YouGuys are amazing - creative, artistic, hard-working and inspiring. ♥

Fran. said...

not to shabby at all Miss Lea!! Keep on keepin on!! I love your garden gift that god has given you!! XOXO Love Fran.