Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's Day

Hey there friends,
It's been so long since I've written.  Sorta feels like I'm just
 typing into the wild blue yonder.  

So yall have something green on?
Can't say as I do.  No cabbage or green jello or any of that jazz on 
tonight's menu either.  
What an olde fuddyduddy huh?  

It feels sooo good however- especially  with these  shots of Spring upon us.
This week it's been up in the 80's at times but
here we are now looking at a weekend with a possible freeze in the forecast.
As of yesterday the Wisteria was close to leafing out; I hadn't checked it yet today.
The peonies... my "Mommas" peonies no less; are up and growin like weeds.
So there we go once again; that big fat dilemma.
Do I get my panties in a wad and do my level best to covering  everything
with old sheets, tarps, buckets, flower pots... milk jugs... ---yall know how it is!!!
Who else out there dotes and coddles her  beloved peonies?  
 I can't just "let" these succumb to frost.  I have to 
at least try to bundle them up and keep them warm.  
It's what any good PeonyMomma surely does???  
So I'll be tuning in to channel 5 to  see if  olde Garrett our weather man says, " bring those plants inside..."
If he does; .... well then  pots and buckets and tents of sheets  
will attest that indeed this gardener "tried."  

 Looking across the board I know alot of you have also been having
extra warm days.  Perhaps you too have been cleaning up your gardens and old sheds?
This door on our greenhouse has had peeling paint for over a year now so finally
got the gumption to scrape it off and give it a fresh coat of bark brown.  
Then set about cleaning the whole place.  Every winter it's quite a catch all,
so it felt really good to get some junk tossed,  and then spent hours with a shop vac suckin up 
mouse droppings,  dead bugs, leaves and mud dobber nests. 

 At the end of one day out there, I walked inside and 
the sunlight was shining through one window in the greenhouse 
right onto this Jesus painting again.  I've seen it happen a couple times
before but when you're standing there "seeing" it... well;
it's just pretty awesome.  
 Getting everything spruced up out here gave me  new inspiration to spend time
writing and painting in the greenhouse. 

 It's so peaceful to watch the birds at the feeders and birdbath 
and sketch or take pictures of visitors.  
 Got some  planning and daydreaming done too  in this  new Sparrow.  
Leather traveler's notebooks have  become a new passion of mine and 
this one is a big A5 size to jot down all my garden ideas and plantings. 
You can only have 15 characters stamped into the leather so had to leave off 
the "shabby." lol    
 One of my inserts is on favorite quotes.  
This is actually in a different book than the oldepottingshed book but
thought I'd share it in case one of you might be inspired to share one of 
your own favorite quotes here.  Feel free to share in the comments if you do!!
 Thought I'd share some more evidence that Spring is really here.
This is my Momma's redbud tree in all her glory.  
It's so beautiful and I often think of her planting that tree with her own hands.  
 Her pear tree is chock full as well.  
Sure hope the cold snap doesn't hurt it.  
 The last couple years a mockingbird has nested in these branches.
I saw one flying around when I took  photos and I wonder if she's the same one?
I'll be watching to see if I spot a new nest.  
The three donks are starting to shed their winter coats.  
There are little piles of grey hair under their favorite cedar branch rubs.  
 The green grass is really coming on now.  In fact;....

Last night; Myguy bought a new push mower since our  last one was 
on it's last leg.  
This afternoon I mowed  all around the potting shed and our fenced  dog yard.
Smelled so good.    

It's hard to hold off planting though.
I've learned the hard way in the past and well;
it's  still just too early. 
So for now; ... patience grows instead.  

Thanks for stopping by the shed ... your time and friendship is dear to me.  
Happy St. Patty's day!  
Leaon Mary


rebecca said...

I can't help it. With all the other social media options, I still love blogs.
I didn't wear green yesterday either, but I DID notice our grace had greened up almost overnight!
I continue to journal in the same type of book I've used for at least 15 years (can hardly believe that)!
It's supposed to get cold up here again, too. Hope our furnace guy is able to get to our place THIS MORNING to see why it (the furnace) is not igniting. We have plans to spend the afternoon/evening with my dad & mom later today...
Well, hope your weekend unfolds just-the-way-you-NEED-it-too. ♥ Stay well. Be blessed.

Anonymous said...

GOOD morning dear Lea, and how good it is to come visit you at the shed. I love that you have colour in the garden already. As you know I too, have a special place in my heart for peonies and oh how I wish I'd moved my Mum's peonies to my brother's garden, now that I know they can be moved! I love the redbud tree, is that like cherry blossom? and the pear blossom is soooo beautiful. I googled mockingbird to see what they look like as we don't have them here. I know what you mean about patience, I visited a garden centre yesterday and wanted so much to get something for my pots but as you say it's just too early. I thought my one lonely crocus needed company so I got a primrose. I can imagine sitting in your greenhouse writing must be awesome and listening to the birds, sounds like heaven. The sweetheart donkeys must know it's spring time when they're casting their coats already. I have enjoyed my visit to the shed and thank you for sharing your days. Hope you don't have to do too much covering up. A garden girl's work is never done!!! Funny enough I came across a quote the other day that I liked - "Always serve letters with a cup of tea and a footstool" Macrina Wiederkehr.


Sue Neitzel said...

Spring has sprung for you chickie!!! What kind of poppies are those beauties?? They are heavenly!!!

Attic Clutter said...

HI Lea..
OH my goodness..all you have is so and all..
All just a dream--FARM life :)

shortybear said...

guess what?? I love you beyond measure, always.