Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Few Gratitudes Today

This bracelet never crossed my mind when 2016 rolled in and I chose my one  
word for the year:  "true"   Honestly I didn't even remember what this bracelet  said.  My friend
Cora who went to heaven three  days ago  sent it to me  maybe nearly two years ago now. 
I wore it some but it's been in a drawer for months.  As I pulled it out to look at it again,
The words nearly leaped from  the brass. 
Seeker of all things
Two dragonflies are even there.  
How sweet of a surprise was that? 

Our neighbors  called us this week  and said, "Hey yall,
come over."  We jumped in the truck and drove over there-
Of all things; 
they'd made us this cedar chest for our anniversary and Valentines day.  
It's so beautiful and the wife made the Native American cushion on the top
and hid matching throw pillows inside.  
It was such a sweet surprise ... 
gift of.... friendship. 
--When we got home; I moved the old treadle sewing machine that used to 
sit in that spot and found a new home for the cedar chest there instead.  Then, opening the lid, I put our couch blanket inside  the chest.  
Last night when we sat down to watch cnn awhile; we cuddled under the blanket
that had been in there.  Myguy buried his nose in it and said, "Mmmmm I smell
cedar"  :)  
So many blessings wrapped up in this gratitude.    

 Washing  dishes by hand,  I glanced through the kitchen curtain.. 
There is Ophelia curled in the barren windowbox..
Oh you silly kitten who once strolled through the mechanic shop and
meowed your way into the man's heart who doesn't even want a cat.

 If you read here; you know that daily sketching blesses my peapickin heart so much. 
This discipline helps  me remember the little moments throughout an ordinary day that 
fill up a life.  Paper, my pen, photos of moments on my phone... 
and I realize writing this that if it were not for other people sharing their life...
I would not have discovered even doing this.  This thing that I've come to enjoy so much.
So what if  colors turn muddy or scribbles and scratchings make little sense- 
flipping back through ... 
I'm grateful for how this messy cup overflows. 

For how the God of the universe can use any thing
to speak to this olde  heart.
 gift of encouragement.

 We have game cameras set out and every night this one little bunny
comes to have  his picture taken.   I call him  "the brave one,"  because Wylie coyote often comes to the same area as well.  
Now; when worries of this life turn into what if's of things that could happen ..
this bunnykin ... chases them away.
gift of courage
 On yesterday's walk, I noticed an  old stick propping up this  trailer
The rusted heap  has been there long as I can even remember... 
Made me think of my friends this week.  
The ones who are always there for me... 
propping me up when I need a little help.  
Our Trento Bean was that yesterday as well.
I heard the kitchen door open and went to meet him.
He took the coffee cup out of my hands and wrapped his 
arms around me in his bear hug hold.
I thought my manchild must have needed a Momma hug,
but then he said... "I'm sorry about Cora Momma-... Dad told me."
And he just stood there squeezing so tight. 
My cub. 
Thank you Lord for the strength you send  to 
hold me tight, and prop up this heap. 
So many gifts... 
so much love.      

 Encouragement comes in so many forms.  
Lately, when hopes have been dashed .. a time or two I let my eyes focus on 
the problems instead of the truth that God is still in control.  
When I've wavered some ... Myguy has pointed me back to truth.  
He's also ... just "been there" for me. 
I'm so thankful to have people who remind me to keep my faith..
--Who  point me to the Truth.  

 People aren't the only blessings in life.
These long eared friends... -ohhh there are some who will laugh this to the hilt-
but to have a sweet donk approach you for a love pat-
especially "Timid Ruth," ...
 Well they're some of the sweetest moments of a day.
A love pat goes in and back out ... it surely does.  
And some people call them mere "hayburners."
They just don't understand. 
Okay here it is... a 6 month photo ditching the dye.  
This gratitude runs root deep.  
It's also been since last May that I've had a professional haircut.  
Myguy trimmed the ends one time for me; and I cut the bangs.  
The money saved has went to my sponsor girl in India and her family.  

Who knew the gifts to be found in something as small as not coloring this mop.
New friendships. 
New courage.
New guts...
the new "I don't give a care if you don't like my hair," has been so empowering!  
The icing on the cake.. is now I wouldn't go back for nothin.  
Lovin the silvers... and anxious for a long gray braid.  

More blessings were counted  seeing my old friend Starla this week.
I've known her for 29 years.  She, her daughter; and great grandgirls came 
for a visit and I got to send them off with fresh baked cookies.  
Yesterday her great grandson had heart surgery.  
While mixing the dough for these cookies ... many prayers were tucked inside.
So many gifts I've been given. 
Thank you Lord for your Mighty Hand 
holding sweet Jase.   

Thank you Lord for all these things and so much more.
Thankyou for my everything.

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.
John 21:25

Love, Leaon mary 


rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing your gifts -- ALL of them ♥
And what talened neighbors you have! That's an amazing gift, Lea.

Terra Hangen said...

That is a sweet story about the word true, the bracelet and your dear friend Cora. How good your son came over to wrap you in a bear hug about her. And your friends made you a cedar chest, wow.

Denise said...

such precious heart gifts my sweet friend. love your hair, you are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lea what a lovely visit to the shed this morning and spending some time with you while you share your gratitudes which are always heart warming and give such encouragement.. the drawings of little Aspen Rose and your brave bunnykin are amazing and the beautiful cedar chest, what a God given talent your friends have. It is a wonderful HUG that our Lord gives us in guiding us through our days and finding friends for us to share including our four legged friends who are always there for us when our hearts are sore. Thank you for sharing the picture of dear Ruthie.
Although it is still cold here, yesterday I saw blue tits and chaffinch in the trees, bless their little hearts.
Sending BIG HUGS from Scotland dear friend.

Sue Neitzel said...

What a treasure you have, "true" friendship indeed! Only you can rock the grey, I wish I was that brave!! Love these posts, when you take us into your home and soul! And I adore those boots filled with flowers, that is so you!!! Hugs!!