Monday, January 4, 2016

What Breaks My Heart, Recent Planner Discovery and Inside My Hobonichi

 Hello friends,

Sunday a sermon I heard asked
"What breaks your heart?"  
The Pastor said, if you want to become a better person 
do something to make the world a better place.  
And what really really grabbed me was when he said, 
Do something to make "someone's" world a better place.  

That's what my friend and Mentor Cora has done for me.
She's been  a  true friend and invested so much into  my life... doing the very 
thing the Pastor spoke of.  
She's allowed God to use her to make  my world
 a better place.  

This is the bible that she gifted to me a few years ago now.
It has meant so much to me... as does she.
Many of you know her cancer came back and 
I would ask you to please keep her in your prayers.  
I know it would mean alot to her...
and me too.  

 Onto this little discovery.
Decided I just had to share it with you because it's such a good deal.
It's called the Planner Addict Box.  
If you subscribe, one will come to you like clockwork
every month.  
 This is how it looks when you open it.
It feels like your birthday every month!
They're always packaged beautifully and with absolute care.
 This is the contents of this months box.  
A cool pen that says Dream Big, 
project life cards... a cute tag... awesome stamps by Heidi swapp, 
sheets of planner stickers, washi, a cute aqua planner tassel... 
it's a great deal and the sub box is only fifteen bucks.  
Alot of times there's even a teabag inside.  
I look so forward to it every month.  
 Lastly, thought I'd share my 2016 start in 
my hobonichi.  
I take it to bed with me every night and this year the book I bought is smaller.  
It's the Planner book -- I purchased the weeks book as well but my daily sketches go in this one. 
I like that this is smaller.  For me; .. it's less overwhelming because I can just focus
on one thing to add for each day.   

On Jan 1st, I sketched the deer skull in our living room and 
added my one word:
On the 2nd, I did a quick sketch of my vanilla making.  
Vanilla beans and the bottle of bourbon. lol 

Then yesterday I shared with yall 
that I saw an owl in the woods.  
So he went on the next page.  

Tonight I hope to sketch the highlight  today.  
I was walking into the coop with a bucket of scratch grain and 
one of our  Mille fleur banty hens flew at me and landed right on my arm and went 
to eating out of the bucket as I entered the doorway!  
She's never ever done that before!  It was soooo cute.  
I stood there for so long and let her eat perched on my arm!
Kinda felt like Snow white or something. 

Alright time to sign off
and go haul two vehicles tonight to the shop.
Myguy said he's purdy sure Taco Johns is in our future.
He speaks my love language.

Thanks for stoppin by,
Love Leaon Mary


Anonymous said...

What a lovely box of goodies, I'm sure you will have fun painting and gluing and sticking!!!

At last I have a bible study to begin - Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

Praying for Cora.

Blessings to you Lea.

Debra said...

Hello sweet person-I too love Cora, and will continue to pray for her.
I love this post-the chicken landing on your arm! SO cute!
I keep meaning to tell you how powerfully beautiful your photo header is! Wow! What a picture! I even told my hubby about it. gotta show him...
Love, Debra

Paula said...

Praying for our dear friend Cora!

Sue Neitzel said...

What a cool idea, a box of paper goodies!! I've never heard of such a thing, where can I check it out?? Praying for Cora too, bless her heart has had her share!