Monday, December 14, 2015

Wrapped Around Her Paw

A month ago or so last year, 
we were writing back and forth with an Australian Shepherd breeder near  Little Rock.  
This little gal, was being called Jillian; to keep her straight from her siblings.
I think it was those baby blues that first stole my heart.  And Myguy?...well  he put a deposit down on her for Christmas!!
The waiting for her to get old enough to come home with us felt soooo long. 
But finally that day came and we made the trip.  
Holding her in my arms;  the bonding began.  
Honestly; we really had no idea what we were getting into.  
Miniature Aussies are nothing like our corgis. 
And it's not been an easy road.  BUT... 
we love her.   

 Here she is today- a year later.
- helping me "wrap."  
Wrapping is today's prompt and I tell ya what- every present wrapped here is gonna surely
have a piece of Aspen Rose.  

Everytime I vacuum, the canister is plumb full of her long hair.  
And just try to use tape and not get anything in it. lol  
Oh well... she's a sweet lil elf.  

So do yall  have your gifts all wrapped?  
(I've barely started)
If you have a pet, do you find that you share bits of your furbabies  in your wrappings too? lol


Denise said...

definitely. Coco loves helping me, she leaves her paw prints all over my heart.

Denise said...

Awww...your dog is so precious! We have a chow/boxer mix named Denver. He turned 15 this past September and is still going pretty strong. He's a short haired dog but still does manage to see it's way on just about everything in here. Lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lea, it is hard to believe that Aspen Rose has been with you a whole year.... she is soooo gorgeous and what a kind little elf she is helping you. I know what you mean, when I am knitting, I am sure I have some Westie hair in among the yarn, oh well it will be added warmth, ha!

Thank you for sharing those beautiful is lovely being able to share your Advent preparations.