Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Prayer Update... and Day 2... Red!

 Hi friends,
Well, the Instagram challenge was a bust again today.
I think I need to delete Instagram  off my phone and redownload it.  
-- you really don't want to know.. lol  
However, I'm not giving up... and will keep posting  here anyways.  

First off, I want to share with yall that I just got off the phone 
with Cora and she's recuperating in a Rehab facility.
She was in pretty good spirits and said she's been up and walking more.
So hopefully she'll just keep getting stronger.  Please keep praying!! 

(Today's prompt is:  RED.)  
When I fed the stock today; I kept eyeballin all  the snarls and knots
Gracie had in her mane so I tied her up and started combing them out. 
It dawned on me her halter and lead were red so I asked her to sit tight 
so we could pretty her up a little and post her for today's challenge.  
Say "Cheese" Miss Gracie.  

This is what I first started to post on Instagram today.  
My tulip red traveler's notebook from Chic Sparrow.  
There are four inserts inside of him now-  a homemade book with watercolor paper, 
mixed media paper, and tags to play in all  month.  Another has this Instagram
challenge where I'll print the daily photos and add to my book.  The third book is 
a Christmas planner with shopping lists, to do's, card lists, and memory keeping with photos
of our Christmas tree etc and also food and ... well you get the drift.  Lastly, is an Advent insert and 
actually just this morning I finished the cover for  it.   The elf on the shelf is an oldie.  I found him a few years back in a thrift shop.  His tag says Made In Japan. 
I think he needs a name.  Any ideas?

Well Myguy just pulled in the drive.  
I better heat up the leftover spaghetti!
Thanks for visiting!
Leaon Mary xoxo  


Terra said...

Miss Gracie is a beauty and I like the touches of red.

Anonymous said...

Lea, it's so good to hear that you have been able to speak with Cora and that she is recovering strength. Thank You Lord.

Miss Gracie looks so pretty with her red bows and harness and your little elf has a twinkle in his eye.

Blessings and Joy.


Debra said...

Hello sweetie-I'm so glad for the update on Cora....I am praying for her.
I love your RED, and the photos are beautiful!
Love you dear....

Denise said...

love your reds. praying for dear Cora