Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve Day 31

 Happy New years eve friends n family!
 Can't believe this is the last day for  2015. 

This is my view the last day of the year,
walking the fence line of our house.  
Sorta wish we could keep the lights up year round.
They do warm up a heart on gray days.   

So; do yall have big plans tonight?
How will you be welcoming in a brand near year?
Myguy retired from his old job this past year and so he'll be home with me.
He worked nights for about three decades  so usually I was alone on New Years eve.  
Not this year!  I have a feeling we'll be piled up in bed with two pembroke welsh corgis 
and an Australian shepherd to see in 2016!  
 I believe it was four days ago I shared this little present with yall.
I can now tell you what was inside!
This gift is from our Tony and Michelle and we were instructed  
to open it together.  
"Grandkids are the best presents"
We're havin a little baby Star!  
2016 is lookin really good already!  
We feel so blessed and can't wait to be a Grama and Grampa! 
Ohmygosh... I just got goosebumps writing that yall. 
A lil baby... we're havin a baby!!... 
It's kinda strange coz today I just feel this urge to go buy
a teddy bear, lil bitty blue jeans... boots... boots boots boots...
and a pony... yeah we'll need a pony.  
Definitely feelin it yall... 
We love him/her so much already.
Okay I'll stop goin on n on...
but ... 
(whispering)... we're havin a baby.  
(Thankyou Lord!)  !!!!!!  

Alright friends,
Be safe tonight.  
God bless each and everyone of you
and Happy New Year!!!!  


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Lea and Family!!!! and a new addition to your family is just thee best!! Thank you for sharing your good news.

Love ya.


Debra said...

Oh sweetie! I'm so glad !!!!!

Attic Clutter said...

Oh Happy New year dear friend..
and a baby too fun will that be..
A LOT (:)