Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day Six ... It's Beginning To Look Alot Like

Day 6

So all our Christmas decorations are out now
and Myguy even got all the lights put on the house already.  
It seems though that every year; ...we  do less and less. lol 
I remember when we were first married; if I heard an older person
say they didn't  care if they put a tree up or not; I'd be horrified!! 
No tree?  
But the older I get; the more I understand.  
Decorating is fun and festive but the undecorating....
not so very much.  
Looking at this photo, maybe  that's why I didn't even bother to take all the regular stuff out of the 
antique china cupboard and instead just added a few poinsettia blossoms to
spruce things up a little. Oh well; I love this  Christmas cheer
and there is something so satisfying  about pouring a cup of hot tea at the end of the night
and snuggling up to Myguy with the tree lights twinkling.  
For awhile you just want to linger ... longer.  
Know what I mean?

Well, time to do the supper dishes and put that kettle on.  
There's a brand new box of  White Christmas teabags

-- Holykisses, xoxo



Anonymous said...

Oh Lea, what a lovely tree and such a warm inviting room to just snuggle down for tea with your guy.
I saw a tiny little (real) tree in the store and it reminded me of when you told me the story of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree and that made me smile. Thank you friend.

Blessings and Joy!


Patty Sumner said...

It looks so beautiful... Boy, I understand completely. I would have thought the very same thing many years ago.. this year I left all my ornaments boxed. Just did not want to unpack them or pack them back I simply put garland and berries and birds on my tree. It actually looks good. I am beginning to appreciate the simple side of things these days.. Day 6 looks great.. Have a great day. Blessings!

Fran. said...

Hey there Lea love seeing your Christmas tree it looks so cozy!! I'm like you less n less each year!! But always the tree and the stair railing for the stockings!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

Jean Lederer said...

I so know how you feel! I married 'my guy' 31 years ago this past November 24 in a beautiful interfaith wedding officiated by both a rabbi and priest! I never saw a thirty year old so childlike, excited, and happy to be bringing home and stringing lights on the Christmas tree!
For the past several years, as our boys have grown, I suggested we look into purchasing a small artificial tree with pre-strung lights. No way! He won't hear of such! Noel (yes, that is his real name), our local nurseryman, would be heartbroken! So think of us Lea on December 18 when we choose our live tree and my Rick spends all evening stringing lights on each branch! Then we decorate it all day Saturday and leave it up to Epiphany!! I think our sons, at ages 27, 23, 20 and almost 16 would miss Mom's Stuffed Tree, with all MY/their childhood ornaments and ours of early married years! So would I! Especially their handmade ones from early school days!!! Happy , joyous Christmas as we first celebrate Day 3 of Chanukah here in our festive interfaith home!!! BLESSED BY YOUR BLOG AND MUSIC, LEA!