Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 7 Festive.....

 Driving through town tonight and seeing our courthouse all lit up;
I knew it had to be in this evening's post.  
We look forward to seeing this display every year -- especially
 going to and fro over Spadra bridge.  
 Some of the lights seem to have burned out- but it's okay--
it still feels  enchanting to drive through.

Back at the Ponderosa;
 the twinkle lights are up year round in my little art porch-
but this year, a prim tree adds abit of 
Christmas cheer.
 To add to this festivity;
tonight I'm sharing the wee jars I bought to bake
single servings of Jesus birthday cakes for family and friends.  
I've never made this shape of half pints before-
they're even diamond patterned.  
I probably won't make them until about the 20th.  
But I could start cutting the little fabric circles for the lids ahead of time. 
I'll wait to share what fabric I'll use when the little cakes are baked.
I can't think of anything more festive than the coming
birthday party for the King of the universe.    
Last but not least is a festive botanical.  
This  little Christmas cactus is in her  full kabloom.  
The orchid to her left has one shabby olde  leaf but she too is ready to bloom so I 
don't want to upset her by giving it a yank.  You know how orchids can rebel for 
weeks on end.  

Well my friends we've made it a full week into this challenge already. 
I hope to meet you all back here tomorrow- 
God willing and the creek don't rise.  

Festively yours, 
Leaon Mary

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Anonymous said...

Lea, I feel as if I have just been driving with you through the town and seeing the courthouse all lit up and colourful, then on across the bridge, oh how bright and cheery. Your art porch is so darn cute and I would love to be sitting there with you enjoying some spicy chai and crafting. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful. My brother has my Mum's Christmas cactus and it is blooming too which never fails to bring tears to my eyes. I can still see it sitting on my Mum's kitchen window and blooming at this time of year, now it's blooming for us. I always love hearing about your Happy Birthday Jesus cakes, such an amazing gift you have and I think the wee jars are so cute. I hope you enjoy making them and choosing the fabric for the tops. Thank you again for taking the time to share...tis always a blessing to come visit you and enjoy a warm welcome.
Love ya