Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 30 A Few Things I Learned in 2015

With regret; 
Why didn't I  write out personal goals at the beginning of last year? 
I looked in my journals and books and while I've wrote about them along 
the way; I didn't exactly put them to paper and  why?
Maybe  I associated them to resolutions???

So for today's post I thought I'd record a few things learned this past year: 

I learned of  loss and divorce through a daughter in law and her
three kids whom my whole family loved as our own. 
I learned if you hurt my child.. by default I turn  into a mother Lion.   
I learned trusting after you've been burned to a crisp ...
it just might take a lifetime.  

 I learned today is the time to take a stand for Who and what I believe... 

I learned Myguy " loves my soul to the bone forever." 

I learned how devastating and embarrassing it feels if you don't have  teeth.
And I learned I want to help and encourage others who are afraid to go through what I have.  

I learned my one word "perspective" can be actually felt when seeing with my heart. 

I learned I have a passion for watercolors, fountain pens and planners.  
And I learned no matter how I try to fill out my planner for the day-
God surely is directing my steps. 

I learned having two alpha females in one house can be 
a growling bloody mess and it can take a chair to 
separate them without getting bitten yourself.

I learned there are people who will give an award for courage to a man dressed like a woman.

and I learned evil will chase and terrorize people right out of their homes and land.   

I learned my friend would get cancer again no matter how hard I prayed she wouldn't.  

I learned sometimes when we don't know what to do... 
-to do the next thing. 

I learned it really is  the little things in life to me that mean the most.

I learned  
I  really kinda like the show Blindspot. 

I learned I'm finally okay with letting this hair go gray.  

I learned to not say maybe
when I really want to say no.  

I learned to ask for water instead of a diet coke.

I learned  today that you can open presents at the same time with your 
friend while on different sides of the world. 
-- and laugh alot.   


I want to keep writing... 
but Myguy will be home soon and 
I've yet to start supper!
So I'll toss this to yall... 

--What's a thing or two you learned this year?



Anonymous said...

I've learned that time goes fast and that it's scarey when I look back and see the things that I was 'going' to do and didn't. I think I need to get a poster up on my wall that says Just Do It. and then get on with it. I've learned over the past year more and more things that I recall my Mum saying to me when I was young that are so wise and true and more importantly how she taught me to always put by faith in Jesus in whatever situation and to trust Him.

Well, Lea it is already 31st here so I am wishing you Happy Hogmanay!!


Rebecca said...

Wow! You've learned a life-time's worth in a year! Seems I've only learned how little I know, how weak I am, how much I need Jesus and how little else I need.

BTW, how is the hair-growing-out thing going?

Dawn Dutton said...

Lots of lessons learned along your way. Many more instore for 2016!
Sending you hugs for a happy New Year.

Leaon Mary said...

Jeanie, ... I'm hanging onto what you shared about time going fast and seeing all the things you were gonna do but didn't. How is it that it seems like every year it goes by a little faster? And I too see so many things I was gonna do and want to do and still never do?? Hmmm... I'm smiling at you thinking of all the things your Mum used to tell you and seeing all the wisdom in it. Have you had those moments where you say something or do something and the lightbulb flashes and you think Ohmygosh... I did that just like Momma ... !! Really love when that happens!!
Rebecca... When I get to thinking about life and stuff that's what I realize too.. how little I just don't know.... I know t's good though to share Him and our journeys and encourage eachother along the way. I love that you shared how much you need Jesus and how little else you need. The hair is going really good now. I wish I'd have never colored it in the first place coz the dyed stuff is sooo crunchy. Can't wait til it's all natural.
Thank you Dawn Dutton for the hugs and happy new year to all of you. We have to get back in that art class we started and I look forward to seeing what you sketch and paint.. love from a shabby olde potting shed.

Debra said...

I learned that God can still change this hard heart of mine-that He still wants to, and that I can never thank Him enough for making my phrase for 2015 a reality-"at the scent of water," from Job 14:7-9. He did it!