Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 29.... Chocolate and Keeping Christmas..

Day 29 Prompt: chocolate...

Some people think chocolate can fix  just 
about anything- lol
I've heard it can cure the blues,
the  common cold,
it's even a love potion to some.
Who knows if it really cures anything 
it does seem to make some things  better. haha   
Cute prompt though and Myguy's KISS 
made for a sweet little  photo shoot.

It's about time  to start some supper for my hubby 
and turn on those  Christmas lights.  
Usually I'm in a big fat  hurry to take the tree down and 
put it all away until next year.    
Honestly, it's a dreaded chore that I don't much like doing.
It's fun to decorate... but not to undecorate. 
The reason to leave it out a little longer is 
to finally get to enJOY it all.
A friend talked with me about this just today- 
She said, that all through the month of December she  gets so busy
with the hustle and bustle of things that she doesn't really have
time to relax around her tree.  So she herself keeps it out til 
after January 1st.  
  I so relate.  .
Maybe a new tradition will  be starting  at our house 
to just savor it all a little longer.
The more I think about it... the more
inspired I am. 

It's a wonderful,
ordinary Tuesday.. 
a perfect evening 
to turn on the twinkle lights 
make some cocoa 
and who knows... 
maybe even rustle
up the 

Have a wonderful night yall,


Tant Gröns Lilla Bod said...

I feel the same way about Christmas. You do all the preparations and planning and all of a sudden it's all over. It helps a little bit that in Sweden where I live, we usually keep the decorations and the tree until twenty days after Christmas. It's so dark here in wintertime in spite of the snow (when we get some) so all the lights make everything a bit brighter. I guess that's why we keep them for so long :).

I wish you a blessed new year!
~ Maria ~

Anonymous said...

Here in Scotland, lots of people believe in keeping the decorations up for twelve days after Christmas and some are even superstitious and think that they have to be taken down by the twelfth night or they will have 'bad luck'...can you imagine!

Never thought I'd say it, but I think I've had my fill of chocolate!!!