Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 28

Hi friends,
Today's prompt is:  What I got.  lol  
  Must say; I  really enjoyed
reading a few other December dailys  shared on this.  
Some of the things people get for Christmas will sure surprise you!!!  haha   

Tonight I'm thinking of the gift of time. 
Time spent with family and friends.
I wonder if as we age; this is  what most of us learn  to value most? 
Could it be that  
Time takes  love
and love takes time. 

Like the time Myguy sacrifices for me so he can  come to my dentist appts... 
The time he has to work longer hours - to make up for it...
Time spent bringing flowers ... just because...

Time spent with olde friends passing through on their way to Kentucky.
The time she spent painting a wall hanging purple and stenciling our names on it 
then  adding bling... coz she remembers Lydia.
Time another spent mentoring... 
Time shared across the big Pond,
Time lifting, encouraging, pointing uP,...
Time leaning in for a headscratch... coz it's Christmas Momma,
Time and love  not merely 

-Time pruning
to grow.

This little box also shared a priceless gift.  
Love planted.  
I'll have to share more about it 
next year.  

Don't you love a cliffhanger?  
Stay tuned...


Jean said...

Merry Christmas Leaon!

jean aicken said...

Time is so precious Lea and I love how you share your moments. I think it is something we become more aware of when we get older but nonetheless the time taken to do a small thing like send a text can be a treasure and make someone's whole day.

Blessings and hugs.